Premier League Referees Have Issued New Guidelines To Muslim Players During Ramadan

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Mohamed Salah, Idrissa Gana Gueye, Ibrahima Konate, and Amadou Onana will all benefit from new Premier League referee guidance aimed at assisting Muslim footballers during the month of Ramadan..

Muslims will fast for one month beginning March 22 and will be permitted to consume food and drink only after the sun has set, which could occur during afternoon and evening Premier League matches.

Match officials in the Premier League and Football League, on the other hand, have been instructed to use natural stoppages in play to allow those fasting to consume fluids, snacks, or energy gels when sunset occurs during games..

Referees have also been instructed to identify players who are fasting prior to kick-off in order to schedule a time during the game when they will be able to consume food and fluids.

The holy month of Ramadan will begin on March 22 and end on April 21.

Sadio Mane revealed last year that Jordan Henderson persuaded Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp to change the club’s training schedule during Ramadan to better accommodate fasting players in the squad.

Mane, Salah, Konate, and Naby Keita were among the Reds’ stars who observed the holy month, which fell during the Reds’ charge for unprecedented quadruple glory.

Mane told beIN Sports during his fasting period: “‘It’s not easy because playing, training, and observing Ramadan are all difficult tasks.

“But, before Ramadan, we attempted to speak with the captain [Henderson] in order to inform the boss that we might be able to change the schedule and train in the morning. It’s simpler for us. If you train in the morning, you will have time to rest and return home. It will be difficult if you train in groups of two or three.

The coach said yes, which I think makes it easier, and we’re doing our best.”

When asked about the difficulties that Muslims face during the month of Ramadan, Mane responded: “It’s not easy, but the game always is something else.

Ramadan is difficult, but I believe Liverpool tries to make things easier for us.

Premier League Referees Have Issued New Guidelines To Muslim Players During Ramadan

“We spoke with our nutritionist, Mona, and especially before the game day, she made everything easier for us to ensure we could complete Ramadan.”

Published on: March 21, 2023. at: 7:05 pm

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