Pele’s Family Spends Christmas In The Hospital, Sharing Another Night With The Brazilian Legend

Pele's Family Spends Christmas In The Hospital, Sharing Another Night With The Brazilian Legend

Pele’s family spent Christmas Eve in hospital with the former football star, emphasizing the importance of being “thankful” for their time with the Brazilian legend..

Pele’s health has deteriorated over the last month, and he now requires more care at Sao Paulo’s Albert Einstein Jewish Hospital. Kely Nascimento, who keeps fans up to date on Pele’s health, posted a heartfelt message on Christmas Eve. “Even in our sadness, we can only be thankful,” Nascimento wrote on Instagram in honor of those who care for her father.

Her heartfelt words were accompanied by a photo of her extended family at the hospital, which included Nascimento and five other family members..

It comes just two days after the previous update on Pele’s health and his family’s time spent with the icon.

Pele was admitted to the hospital on November 29 with a respiratory infection and for “re-evaluation of the chemotherapy treatment over colon cancer identified in September 2021,” according to an official statement. The football world has been rooting for Brazil’s hero, with Nascimento frequently thanking them.

She also stated that despite being vaccinated “with all doses,” the former Santos star contracted Covid-19. He’d gotten a lung infection because his chemotherapy had made him more fragile. Pele’s health has been closely monitored by football fans all over the world, especially during Brazil’s World Cup campaign..

“We always have a lot to be thankful for, even spending Christmas in the hospital, we are aware of the privilege it is to be in a hospital like @hosp einstein,” Nascimento wrote on Sunday night. To see our father being treated by these highly competent and caring professionals..

Pele's Family Spends Christmas In The Hospital, Sharing Another Night With The Brazilian Legend

We never take this privilege for granted. Even when we are sad, we can only be thankful. Thank you for being together, for all your love, and for allowing me to be here with him right now.

“Christmas greetings. For all of you, may you have lots of health, lots of love, lots of joy, lots of laughter, and lots of passion today and always. “One more night with him.”

The deterioration of Pele’s health was acknowledged during the World Cup, with Brazil’s players unfurling a banner in support of the icon after their 4-1 Round of 16 victory over South Korea.

Pele’s most recent social media post was on December 5, the day of the match. It was a photograph of him walking alongside his father during the 1958 World Cup in Sweden, which he helped Brazil win after dominating the tournament as a teenager.

“I walked the streets in 1958, thinking about keeping the promise I made to my father,” he wrote. “I know that many people today have made similar promises and are also on their way to their first World Cup.”

I’ll be watching the game from the hospital and rooting for all of you. “Best wishes!”

Published on: December 26, 2022. at: 9:03 am

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