Manchester United Has Made An Excellent U-turn On The ‘Cristiano Ronaldo Rule’ At Old Trafford

Manchester United Has Made An Excellent U-turn On The 'Cristiano Ronaldo Rule' At Old Trafford

Manchester United have reportedly decided to do away with their ‘Cristiano Ronaldo salary rule’ at Old Trafford.

And, given their desire to sign Marcus Rashford to a new contract and sign the world’s best footballers, that’s probably for the best. The Red Devils have been on a roll in recent months, and they added to their trophy haul with a 3-1 win over Reading in the FA Cup on Friday.

Ronaldo earned nearly £400,000 per week at United, with the club offering him a large salary if he is re-signed in the summer transfer window of 2021.

And it was recently reported that the Red Devils were taking precautions behind the scenes to avoid future problems..

It was suggested that United would implement a salary cap of £200,000 per week to ensure that no one earns significantly more than anyone else.

However, while this would have been a respectful approach, it is difficult to implement.

United must sign Rashford to a new contract, as the England international is in excellent form.

Many dismissed the 25-year-old at the start of the season, owing to his struggles under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Ralf Rangnick.

Rashford’s current contract with Manchester United is set to expire next year after the club triggered a 12-month extension..

And his performances indicate that limiting his earnings would be a bad idea, especially given Paris Saint-interest. Germain’s

PSG has the funds to pay Rashford whatever he wants, thanks to their long-standing admiration for the Manchester United star.

Indeed, the Ligue 1 club held talks with the attacker’s representatives last year in the hopes of bringing him in at a later date.

United, on the other hand, cannot afford to lose their best forward. Not with Antony and Anthony Martial being so inconsistent.

United can now compete with PSG on an equal playing field after dropping the Ronaldo rule they had planned to implement.

It also gives them a chance to bring in the best players in the world..

United are very interested in Tottenham striker Harry Kane, who is keeping his options open in north London.

However, while some people will come regardless of the pay package on offer, not everyone is so inclined..

Manchester United Has Made An Excellent U-turn On The 'Cristiano Ronaldo Rule' At Old Trafford

If United are to land players of Kane’s caliber, they will need to use their financial clout to secure a potential deal.

Salary caps would only stifle their growth. United is not restricted in any way in this manner.

Meanwhile, former Manchester United player Paul Parker has defended Wout Weghorst amid criticism of the Netherlands international.

Weghorst was brought in as a temporary replacement for Ronaldo after the veteran’s unexpected departure in November..

“I think people have been too harsh on Wout Weghorst,” Parker added. He’s only played three games, so it’s far too early to pass judgment.

“But this is Man United, and you will be judged. Every single player is under tremendous pressure and must deal with it 24 hours a day.

People must remember that he is not Ronaldo. Ronaldo was a better footballer, but this guy brings something new to the table. He works hard and wants to assist the club.

“However, all the Ronaldo haters are just smearing the idiom, which is a disgrace..

They should care about the club’s success rather than their hero, who has a new life in a league that only his fans care about.”

“Remember, too, that Weghorst needs to adjust to playing in England again,” Parker added. He recently arrived from the European China, which is Turkey in terms of football.

“The Turkish league is a graveyard league where players go for a vacation or to make money..

Published on: January 29, 2023. at: 2:22 pm

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