Gary Neville Blast Jamie Carragher After The Liverpool Legend’s ‘Bad Takes’ Tweet

Gary Neville Blast Jamie Carragher After The Liverpool Legend's 'Bad Takes' Tweet

Following Manchester United’s 7-0 loss to Liverpool, Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher engaged in a Twitter slanging match..

On Monday Night Football, the Sky Sports pundits were split up, with Neville taking the night off and being replaced by Karen Carney. But that didn’t stop Carragher from teasing him about United’s shocking result the day before.

The Reds legend responded to a clip in which Neville stated before the game, “I’m not nervous. In my nine years as a Manchester United fan, I’ve never felt more at ease coming here. Do you know what I mean? This group is tough.”

“What a season @GNev2 is having!” Carragher wrote. People are just taking the ball off [Lionel] Messi now, and Liverpool didn’t even play well.

Neville countered that his colleague’s list of bad takes was much longer. He wrote: “Two of them are correct… You’ll see…

Here you are…. [Lisandro] Martinez cannot play in the Premier League, United should hire [Antonio] Conte, [Marcus] Rashford should leave United, and Liverpool will not finish in the top four. My friend, theirs (sic) more!!”

Earlier in the day, Carragher claimed Neville had “cried off” from MNF duties, but when asked if he’d “bottled it,” he replied with the 100% emoji.

A raging Then Neville tweeted: “Keep your cool! As you well know, you were never meant to be on. I’ll be relaxing and looking forward to watching you eulogize a team you’ve been killing for two months.”

Gary Neville Blast Jamie Carragher After The Liverpool Legend's 'Bad Takes' Tweet

Carra’s trolling continued late into the night as he shared merchandise depicting their opposing emotions during Liverpool’s thrashing of their rivals, while his Twitter profile picture has been changed to Neville’s miserable face.

Published on: March 7, 2023. at: 8:40 am

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