Fans Are Perplexed By Piers Morgan’s Response To Whether Cristiano Ronaldo Is “Finished.

Fans Are Perplexed By Piers Morgan's Response To Whether Cristiano Ronaldo Is "Finished

Piers Morgan’s bizarre defense of Cristiano Ronaldo’s legacy following the Portuguese star’s move to Saudi Arabian club Al-Nassr has fans perplexed..

The TalkTV host, who remains sycophantically adamant that Ronaldo is the greatest footballer of all time, was asked on Twitter for his thoughts on the former Manchester United star being “finished”.

He replied: “When I last checked, @Cristiano had just signed the biggest transfer deal in football history to become the world’s highest-paid athlete at the age of 38, while playing for the only country to defeat World Champions Argentina in the World Cup. That’s my definition of finished.”

Fans Are Perplexed By Piers Morgan's Response To Whether Cristiano Ronaldo Is "Finished

Morgan’s tweet was widely mocked on social media, with many pointing to a contradictory conversation he and Ronaldo had about a possible move to Saudi Arabia during their explosive interview in November.

“Piers Morgan is a nutcase. He literally ranted and raved about how rumors of Ronaldo going to Saudi Arabia were false and that he was too talented to play there, and now he’s defending it. “Shameless,” one Facebook user wrote.

Ronaldo told Piers Morgan that he wasn’t in it for the money; he wanted to win things. Now Piers is talking about how much money Ronaldo makes. “What a deluded idiot,” wrote another..

“The fact that Piers feels the need to mention Ronaldo signing for a team that plays in the country that was the only team to beat Argentina at the World Cup shows just how pathetically he’s clutching at straws here,” said a third.

“How he spins such narratives to make Ronaldo come out a winner in every situation is beyond laughable,” said another. Piers is unquestionably a yes man.

Many fans were surprised by Ronaldo’s move to Saudi Arabia, especially given that the 38-year-old appeared to engineer a move away from Old Trafford in order to play Champions League football.

He submitted a transfer request over the summer, specifically urging the club to accept offers from elite-level teams, but no offers were accepted..

Published on: January 11, 2023. at: 10:28 am

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