Erik Ten Hag Reveals How Manchester United Manager Alex Ferguson Has Influenced Him

Man United Manager Erik Ten Hag Issued A Warning To Ferguson's Favorite After Ending The Club's Trophy Drought

Erik ten Hag has praised Alex Ferguson’s legacy of fostering a winning culture at Manchester United, claiming that it is the most significant influence the legendary manager has had on the current team..

Ferguson appears to have an excellent relationship with the current Red Devils manager, with Ferguson impressed by the work the Dutchman did early in his career at Old Trafford.

The pair were recently seen eating dinner together in Manchester, with the Scot passing on some of his wisdom to Ten Hag, who is still competing on four fronts this season, with the Carabao Cup final against Newcastle on Sunday afternoon..

When asked what the most important message he has received from Ferguson, Ten Hag stated that it is not one piece of advice, but rather the example he set as United manager, which continues to influence the club.

He is known by his actions rather than his words.’ Sky Sports was informed by Ten Hag. ‘I believe he left a legacy in that Manchester United represents winning and a winning culture.

‘I think he’s such a great example for all of us, for humanity, but also for all of us around and in Manchester United, and we hope to make him proud on Sunday..

Ten Hag and Ferguson dined together earlier this week, before United knocked Barcelona out of the Europa League with a rousing victory at Old Trafford on Thursday night.

‘It is massive,’ said the former Ajax manager of the meeting that warmed the hearts of Red Devils fans. It’s always a pleasure to speak with people who have a wealth of knowledge and experience.

‘He was to share it, he wants to help and support, and you get the impression that this is his club. He is so dedicated. He wants us to succeed. It was a fantastic night, and I can’t wait for the next one with him.’

He did, however, rule out a post-match meal with the Scot on Sunday, regardless of whether Manchester United wins the League Cup..

Erik Ten Hag Reveals How Manchester United Manager Alex Ferguson Has Influenced Him

Unfortunately, we don’t have time for that because time is of the essence.’ Ten Hag spoke about a meeting with Ferguson on Sunday night.

Ten Hag can win his first League Cup when he takes on Eddie Howe’s Newcastle United at 4.30pm on Sunday. The former Manchester United manager won four League Cups during his epic reign at Old Trafford..

Published on: February 26, 2023. at: 10:16 am

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