Erik Ten Hag Has Caused A ‘Massive Problem’ At Manchester United, Claims Graeme Souness

Based on Graeme Souness, Erik 10 Hag has created a huge problem “at Manchester United with regard to the Cristiano Ronaldo scandal..

10 Hag has expelled Ronaldo out of United’s first – team as the Portugal legend refused to appear during last week’s Premier League win over Tottenham and left the venue first.

Ronaldo didn’t travel with his team mates for Saturday’s match with Chelsea and it is still to be seen if he is going to come back in the reckoning for his week’s matches against West Ham and Sheriff.

The 37 – year – old was widely criticized for his behavior, even though former Manchester United captain Roy Keane leapt to his defense at the weekend, claiming a number of other United players have done even worse through the years.

Souness concurs with Keane’s assessment of the circumstances and also believes Ronaldo deserves a’pass ‘because he’s a classic Trafford hero and among the best players of all time..

Liverpool legend additionally thinks 10 Hag has produced a ‘massive problem ‘and’shot himself in the foot ‘by making Ronaldo dissatisfied.

Souness claimed on talkSPORT: ‘Ten Hag is going to be out of the club in five years and no one will discuss him as well as his time at Manchester United, however Ronaldo will always be remembered as among the greatest football players to ever step foot on the ground.

Can that give Ronaldo a go? In my opinion it can.

This’s Ronaldo, you need to give him plenty of recognition and keep him with you. If Ronaldo isn’t happy in your bedroom, you are aware you’ve an issue.

Let us go back to the start “before the season even started, Ronaldo had stated he desired to leave. I suppose the supervisor said to the player, “You’re not leaving, I would like you to remain here.”

I assure you that Ronaldo will have uttered the subsequent phrase. “I want to play, that is the reason I’d love to leave.” I am not playing enough.

The manager’s reaction to that might have been something to calm Ronaldo so that he’d remain.

Ronaldo might simply say: “I’m off, this’s no longer for me.” Ronaldo does not have to remain at Manchester United. That is a truth. Consequently, Ronaldo may have read the words of the supervisor which kept him at Man United.

Today let me return to the Man City match, once they had been 6 3 down and the manager was asked the reason he did not put Ronaldo on, he responded it had been out of respect.

‘A couple of weeks down the road he would like him to go on 4 two minutes in a game in which they are 2 – 0 up, to run down the clock?

‘this is a issue which Manchester United themselves have produced. They’ve hit themselves in the leg.

“It’s a really bad football choice to retain a player who 10 Hag knew he was not going to utilize a lot, who he must have said to get him to stay. You can not simply dismiss that.

I believe Ronaldo did something bad. I am able to comprehend why he did not speak up, but I can not tolerate it. What I am saying is there has to be a reason behind that. It has to return to the beginning of the season and the chat with Ten Hag.

I’d have ironed it with Ronaldo on the very first day to make certain he knows what he is remaining for. I’d certainly use him quite differently, however I still believe he has something to offer.

Manchester United appear to have turned a corner because of their performance on the pitch, they’re heading in the right path but they’ve developed an issue which was absolutely necessary.

“I feel the supervisor, the football club along with the other individuals that make football choices at Manchester United have got the pedometar wrong,” he said.

Published on: October 24, 2022. at: 4:06 pm

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