Breaking: FIFA opens disciplinary case against Spanish official

FIFA is taking action against the soccer official who kissed a player on the lips after the Women’s World Cup, according to the world’s soccer governing body.

FIFA will decide if the president of the Spanish Soccer Federation, Luis Rubiales, broke their rules about good behavior, which are in Article 13 of the FIFA disciplinary code.

FIFA said in a statement that they are fully committed to respecting everyone’s integrity and strongly condemn any behavior that goes against this. The FIFA Disciplinary Committee will only give more details about these disciplinary proceedings once it has made a final decision on the issue.

Following Spain’s 1-0 win against England in the World Cup finals.

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Hermoso made a statement about the situation.


The statement said that my union, FUTPRO, and my agency, TMJ, are working together to protect my interests and communicate about this issue.

FIFA has a part in its rules that talks about “bad behavior and breaking the rules of fair play.” It says that everyone involved in the game, like players, officials, and clubs, has to follow the rules of the game and also the rules and guidelines set by FIFA. They also have to show fair play, loyalty, and integrity.


Anyone who doesn’t follow those laws can get in trouble.

Examples of actions that fall under the jurisdiction include “offending someone, whether it be through offensive gestures, signs, or language; using a sports event for non-sporting demonstrations; behaving in a manner that tarnishes the reputation of football and/or FIFA; intentionally changing the age of players on their identification cards for competitions with age restrictions.”



Published on: August 25, 2023. at: 3:22 pm

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