Bernardo Silva Explains How Erling Haaland Has Put An End To The “Frustration” Of Other Manchester City Forwards

Erling Haaland Proved Something To Manchester City Fans Despite Not Playing Against Liverpool

Erling Haaland’s willingness to work without the ball has freed up Manchester City’s creative players..

Pep Guardiola has won two league titles without a proper No.9 striker, winning in 2021 while Sergio Aguero was injured for the majority of the season before defending their title despite not replacing the club record scorer after letting him leave on a free transfer. In the summer of 2022, Haaland was signed to fill that void.

Despite the 22-year-incredible old’s personal haul of 21 league goals in 15 appearances, there are doubts about City’s collective improvement as they trail league leaders Arsenal by seven points heading into the New Year. However, the various qualities that Haaland brings have undoubtedly taken the lead..

Bernardo Silva was one of those players who filled in as a false nine over the last two seasons, and he and his teammates were naturally frustrated by not getting as many touches as they would like or normally get. In addition to setting new goalscoring standards, Haaland’s presence allows others to play their more natural game.

“The thing about Erling is that he doesn’t care if he touches the ball or not.” “He stated. “He is one of those players who, for example, if you play me as a false nine or Phil Foden, after a game it is difficult because you don’t get many touches on the ball and you get frustrated because you need to..

The good thing about Erling is that he is always present, and if he doesn’t touch the ball for 30 minutes but touches it once and scores, he is overjoyed. It’s great to have a player who is so focused on the end result because he knows what he’s there for and does it flawlessly..

Bernardo Silva Explains How Erling Haaland Has Put An End To The "Frustration" Of Other Manchester City Forwards

It’s just his desire to score more and more and more. You saw him score two goals [against Leeds], and he was upset because he could have scored more..

It’s crazy because any other player would be overjoyed if they scored two goals, but he was happy but not completely satisfied because he felt he could have scored more, demonstrating how ambitious he is, how focused he is on helping the team and improving every day. I’m thrilled we have a player like that..

Published on: January 2, 2023. at: 2:49 pm

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