Antonio Conte Has Stated That He Will Leave Tottenham If He Is Not Convinced By A ‘Different Task

Antonio Conte Provides An Update On Harry Kane's Tottenham Future Amid Manchester United Interest

Antonio Conte understands that his role at Tottenham is “different” from his previous roles, but he will only stay if he is completely convinced by the club’s vision.

The Italian has long been associated with trophy success, having played for Inter Milan, Chelsea, and Juventus.

When Spurs hired him at the end of 2021, the expectation was that he would help the club take the final step toward becoming genuine title contenders. However, despite an impressive fourth-place finish last season, this season has been littered with inconsistent performances.

Conte has repeatedly stated the importance of patience and laying the groundwork.

“Here, I realized that my task is to win,” he said ahead of Wednesday’s trip to Crystal Palace..

My role here is to assist the club in establishing a solid foundation, establishing a base, and then attempting to improve. This is my task, and this is my challenge.

If you ask me – and this is the challenge for you – to win the Premier League or the Champions League, this is not the task at hand..

Antonio Conte Has Stated That He Will Leave Tottenham If He Is Not Convinced By A 'Different Task

“My task is to assist the club I founded. I signed a contract in November 2021 after discovering the club in a difficult situation for a variety of reasons..

Now, as I understand it, my task is to try to help the club go in the right direction or return to the right direction in terms of player selection, work, organization, and the creation of a foundation.

“This is my major challenge here. Now, if I want to stay here, I must accept this. Otherwise, if I refuse to accept this, I must leave.”

When asked how long he would give the current project before leaving, Conte admitted that he would not stay forever.

It wasn’t easy for me at first. This is a significant learning opportunity..

“I accepted because I found a great club, a modern club, and I’m happy to work here,” Conte insisted.

“This is my major challenge. To keep working so hard with my staff and players to improve the club and lay a solid foundation.

“If I am satisfied to continue to do this work and to one day see the result I will continue to stay, if I’m not convinced 100 per cent then I can leave my work here.

“We’re doing a lot of work together. I know exactly what it is and why it is important..

Given Arsenal’s success this season and Newcastle’s strong first half, Conte emphasized the importance of knowing when to accelerate the project.

“For the time being, the most important thing is that the process has begun,” he said. This is extremely important.

“After that, you can either speed up or slow down the process. It is also affected by a variety of factors..

Published on: January 4, 2023. at: 9:33 am

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